आदि शन्करर् का आत्मबोधम्


आदि शन्करर् का आत्मबोधम्

नानोपाधिवशादेव जातिवर्णाश्रमादय: !
आत्मन्यारोपितास्तोये रसवर्णिदिभेदवत् !!
भिन्न भिन्न उपाधियो के साथ् सम्बन्ध् के कारण् जाति, वर्ण, आश्रम्, इत्यादि आत्मा पर् आरोपित् किये जाते है, जैसे जल् के रस् , रन्ग् , आकार् आदि आरोपित् किय जाता है !

Because of the association with different situations, placements, conditions, ideas like caste, creed, , life stations crop up and the same are super-imposed on Atma,It is ust like water appears in different colour and states diffepending upon the colour of the containers, places etc. Water in north and south poles appear as ice. Water in red coloured glass appears as red. But water is everywhere and at all times water only. Similarlly AtmA is one and the same wherever it appears and in whatever form, colour it appears. Everything is ParamAtma only. No difference.
The same is told by Bhagavan Ramanar as under:

பலவா முபாதிகள் பற்றியே நாமங்
கலமா சிரமமுதற் கொள்கை—சலத்திற்
சுவைனிற மாதிபோற் சுத்தவான் மாவி
லவைகற் பிதமா மறிக-


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