Atmabhodaham 16

2वपुस्तुषादिभि: कोशौ: युक्तम् युक्त्यावघातत्:!

आत्मानमन्तरम् शुद्धम् विविच्च्यात्तन्टुलम् यथा !

शुद्धस्वरूप आत्मा को पन्च कोशोम् से युक्तिपूर्वक विवेक् से प्रुथक् करना चाहिये ! ये कैसे है कि  क्चिस्व प्ल्रका हनम्  को उस्कि छिल्कोन् से प्रुथक् कैसे अलग् करते है  उस् प्रकर् है

We should through discrimination, seperate rice which is the true indrediant of the crop  from husk. Similarly we should through viveka seperate the pure and  the true self from the sheaths which form the sthula-physical, sukshma- subtle bodies.

Our viveka sould reveal to us that the sheaths-kosas are material things made of panja buthas and perishable.They are inert, and changeable as time passes.They are mere objects.

The subject- the perciever is Atman- the self.

Once we are able to discriminate the husk from rice we become detached and  become desireless.Tjis is freedom-liberation; mukthi.


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