‘New  Year’

‘New Year’ is on everyone’s lips. The year that was till yesterday was new year a few months ago..Today it is old.’ The new year’ today will be old after a few months.So what is the difference between today and yesterday and tomorrow?

Yesterday the sun was shining, moon lit the night.It rained adequately or insufficiently yesteryear and it would rain excessively or inadequately this year.

Seeds germinated yesteryear; they would germinate this year also. Plants would be trees. Trees would flower; would bear fruits. 

Trees would fall due to age ; would be cut by human beings for building houses, laying roads.

Many more machines would be invented, built,destroyed as obsolete.For running the machine , mankind would burn more fuel; for more fuel nature would be exploited further.That woul pollute atmosphere.

For finding out ways and means to reduce pollution more conferences and meetings would be held burning more fuel.

Food crops would be sown in lesser area ; available food would be stored in larger areas.

More people would suffer for getting a handful of grains; a few people would waste more food by way of parties and celebrations.

Both category would suffer; one category due to undernourishment and the other due to inappropriate feeding.

Both would be affected by ailments.Hospitals and drug industry would flourish.They would invent more chemicals to create diseases and cure diseases.

Medical science would claim great strides of advancement and modernization. Longevity of life would increase.

More grey haired humans. More retirement communities and old age homes.

More destitutes  and unwanted  Senior citizens.

More ‘olds’.

Why all these fuss about new and old. Man is born and must grow old and die. This is nature’s law.

This law does not change. 

So ‘new’ year would become ‘old’. Developments and destructions would continue.Both would disturb the peace.’ Peace’ itself is temporary. Nothing in the world is permanent.

Therefore there is no basis for celebration nor for despair.

Permanent happiness is in not being affected by all these. Let us be detached even when we are attached. Let us do our duties without any desire for the fruits of the ‘doings’.

Let us realize that we are not doing anything.

Wish you all- we all- a happy- permanently happy- days ahead till ultimately we dissolve with the nature.


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