An Appreciation

Amrita Varshini, 39th issue
V.S. Krishnan
The 39th isisue of Amrita Varshini has come, as expected, with a treasure that contains gems and pearls of wisdom from enlightened personalities. This has come on Anusham Day, the day Paramacharyal manifested on this earth and Sri Anand has rightly offered this edition at the feet of Maha Periyaval.
Sri Paramacharya’s padhuka Panchakam is well translated by Sri Ramchandar who has done translation of many sacred verss. Paramacharya is manifestation of Lord Siva and to worship his Paduka is the most effective way to reach the Lotus Feet of Lord Siva. Reciting this Panchakam should form part of our daily prayer.
Glimpses from Upanishad interpreted by saint Ashtavakra (the saint with eight deformities) and explained by Sri Harihara Sarma in his article “Ashtavakra Manigal” reveals the vedic wisdom and I found it quite enlightening. The mind creates the false notion of ‘I’. It is this false ‘I’ that prevents us from realizing our true nature. This false notion of ‘I’ or ego is like poison. It gradually gets installed into our system and grows like a huge snake, emitting the poison of ‘I’ every now and then. The plight of the nascent individual caught in the wild fire of Ajnana is really pitiable. When his mind turns towards the world outside, he falls into the ocean of sorrows and only when the mind subsides, the real knowledge dawns.
The only way by which we would get the anti-dote for the poison is to eliminate the false concepts like ‘I am the doer” or ‘I am so and so” or ‘I have done this and that”. The only way we can rid ourselves of this poison is to eliminate the difference of ‘you” and ‘I” from our mind. The only way out is to realize that he is not the mind or body but the reflection of Brahman, the eternal reality.
Amritavarshini normally used to start its spiritual journey by giving some glimpses from “Deivathin Kural”. Coming on the day of Anusham, I expected more nectar from this immortal epic. However, I hope that Sri Anand would compensate us in the 40th issue.


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