Mother is the most sacred Temple

Two months later, he moved out of the Arunachaleswarar temple and started to stay in the the mango orchards and Jack fruit gardens on the hill side.. He shifted from garden to garden because of the increasing number of devotees.He did not break the vow of silence during all these periods. One of these days his father’s brother Nelliyappa Iyer happened to visit Thiruvannamalai and see him. Despite his best efforts Venkataraman did not respond to his requests to return to Thiruchuzhi.
Hearing the where about her son, Venkataraman’s mother Azhagammal along with her elder son Nagasami came to Tiruvannamalai to take back Venkataraman.

Silence was the only reply to his mother’s prayers .Despite repeated pathetic requests she did not get any response. Seeing her pitiable condition,
some elders advised Venkatraman , ” You need not break your vow of Silence but you can write down your reply on a piece of paper ” Venkatraman wrote on a Paper
” One’s karma is decided by the Paramatma .Howsoever one would try whatever was to happen will happen You cannot prevent. Howsoever one would try if something is not to happen, it will not happen. .It is certain.Therefore it’s best to silently watch what is happening.”
No more words of communication.Mother had to return empty handed
After living in different places for some more days he finally reached ‘virupaksa cave’ on the uphills where he lived for seventeen years
He did not talk til 1907 till  he met Kavyakanta Ganapathi, a great scholor.Despite being a scholor and repository of Vedas and upanishads, he was not at peace with himself.In search of inner peace he reached Thiruvannamalai. He prostrated  before the Brahmana sanyasi and prayed ‘ I have finally reached you . You are my savior.I will not go anywhere else.” 

Venkataramanan opened his mouth after eleven years of unannounced silence, and said,’ No need to worry. You have reached the right place.’

From that day onwards Ganapathi Munigal was with him. He arranged a number of assembly of scholars for discussing Vedas and Upanishads. Venkataraman was a silent spectator most of the time. He was a keen observer and intervened only when someone  grossly erred interpreting the scriptures. People wondered how this young boy who was confined to caves and not speaking to any one could know about the scriptures.

One day Ganapathi Munigal announced that henceforth Venkataraman will be known as Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi.. Thus Venkataraman became Bhagavan Ramanar.

From Thiruvannamalai people began to come to the cave to see the Bhagavan. Not only humans, but also  monkeys and squirrels came to him and he gave them whatever little he got as alms. He did not accept anything  from the hands of the devotees. Even small children  came to Bhagwan

Slowly people from other parts of the country and even from other countries started coming.

Bhagwan’s mother came crying  two to three times . But Bhagawan was unmoved. During one such visit she fell sick and had severe fever.His devotees were surprised to see that Bhagwan did not move away from his mother. With out sleep and food he nursed his mother..

It may be a surprise to many.How a detached saintly person was attached to his mother. But if little closely examine, you would know that there is nothing to be surprised., .
All the sons howsoever great they were  had a special  place for their mothers  in their hearts
 Adi Shankara who was traveling in far away places in the upcountry had a premonition about approaching end of his mother and ran to be with her during the   last day.

Ramakrishna Paramahamsa considered  his wife  as  mother.
There is nothing to be surprised on that also.
Another name of the wife is ‘Jaya.’ which in Sanskrit meant the one who give birth.
The wife takes her husband into her  and gives him a male or female progeny. That means she gives birth to the husband himself. . So she is ” Jaya ” .Wife is the mother of the husband

Finally Bhagavan’s mother came  to Thiruvannamalai to stay permanently with Bhagavan. A few days later, his younger brother Naga Sundaram also  arrived at Thiruvannamalai.In the same year Bhagwan moved from Virupaksha cave where he had stayed for nearly seventeen years and set up a place  at up hills called Skandasramam. Naga Sundaram took to Sanyasam .Azagammal started cooking  food for Bhagavan and others.The fire lighted on that day by Bhagavan has not been extinguished even today. Whoever go to Ramanasramam  even today are sumptuously fed without any question being asked.
The oven lighted that day is still burning. Food is being provided to all those who come.
In 1922, Azagammal died. 
As the law did not allow to cremate  bodies on the mountain, Bhagavan and others had to come down to foothills and cremate Azagammal.
That place is in Ramanasramam today and is called  ‘  ‘ Mathrubhutheswarar temple.’
Bhagavan Ramanar’s devotion  is evidenced in the interest he took in   construction of the Mathru Bhootheswarar temple.
During the construction of the temple, Bhagavan  will bless each brick by touching it before being laid. . During the course of construction  he was found in the night circling the site. May be because of the touch of Bhagavan the place has become a holy place today and attracts huge crowds seeking inner peace. . .
Sri Ramanar showed great interest in carving Shri Chakra using granite. It was crafted at a height of about one and a half feet and was square. This Sri Chakra is is installed in the inner sanctum sanctorium of the Mathrubhutheswarar  temple.During those days Bhagavan had skipped his dinner many a time.

A few days later Bhagavan  came down from the Skandasramam and set up an   ashram at the foot of the hill. That is  the present day Ramanasramam.


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