Ramaneeyam 4

A Garland of letters

In Sanskrit ,Aksharam means letters or Alphabets .

Another meaning is that which will not weaken or get destroyed.

‘Manamalai’ means wedding garland. The role of wedding garland is to unite two 

persons in wedlock.

The purpose of the marriage itself is to unite two souls.

Akshara Manamalai is a compendium of 108 couplets created by Bhagavan Ramana 

Maharshi, more than hundred years ago.

The purpose of the marriage referred to by the Bhagavan Ramanar is not to unite two 

mortal human beings.

It is the union of Jeevatma and Paramatma. This marriage is immortal.

The word Aksharam indicates that the marriage is never destroyed.

We can interpret the title in another way also. Bhagavan has created these couplets in 

Tamil language which is also as ancient as sanskrit.
‘A’ is the first alphabat of Tamil and ‘ ksha’ is the last alphabet of sanskrit.We can say 

that Bhagavan has created this garland uniting these two alphabets.

These couplets were recited by Bhagavan in the year 1914, when he was living in the 

Vishupaksha cave. It is 103rd year after creation of the Garland.
Bhagavan did not take any effort to create these couplets.
 YLeMAN HW patEA n dOne of the devotee asked Bhagavan,” What is the alternative for 

the finest palms like Thevaram and Thiruvasagam? ‘
As usual Bhagavan did not respond.!
One day Bhagavan and the devotees were on their usual trip for ‘Biksha’ Suddenly the 

Bhagavan started reciting the couplets. Someone immediately fetched a pencil and 

paper and started noting down. it was a herculean task for the devotee. Bhagavan 

recited the couplets like a torrential rain fall nonstop. It was like  fire being fanned by a 

whirlwind. Like  the rocks falling from a hill top will not stop midway the couplets came 

out of Bhagavan’s Devine lips.

The meaning of the ‘ Akshara Manamalai’ are multifarious. 
Let me mention a few here.
* The Bhakti marga and Gnana marga  are integrated into the couplets Hence it is 

celestial wedding garland..
* Ramanar showed a new path called ‘ vicarage marga’ – an analytical path. He 

prompted his devotees to enquire as to  ‘ who I am ‘ and find out the truth that there is 

no ‘ I’ . There is only ‘ paramathma’ or ‘ Brahmam’.
* Sri Krishna Bhagavan says in the Bhagavad Gita – ” Aksharam Akarosmi ” – I am in all 



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