Athmopadesa Sathakam 19

ஆத்மோபதேச சதகம் 19

ആത്മോപദേശ ശതകം 19



ജഡമിതു സർവ്വമനിത്യമാം ; ജലത്തിന്-

വടിവിനെ വിട്ടു തരംങ്ഗമന്യമാമോ?

जडमितु सर्व्वमनित्यमां ; जलत्तिन्-
वटिविनॆ विट्टु तरंङ्गमन्यमामो?

ஜட³மிது ஸர்வ்வமனித்யமாம்ʼ ; ஜலத்தின்-
வடிவினெ விட்டு தரம்ʼங்க³மன்யமாமோ?


We quarrel over the presence of God. Some say that he is the basis for everything. Some others say that he is above all. He is the supreme. He is the end or finale.


Yet another group says that God is this only. Some other group would say that no that is not correct; God is what we say. The groups multiply. Quarrels multiply. These debates over the shape, place and name of Gods end in unwarranted fights and result in total destruction.


Those who wage the war over the names and forms of God forget that there is only one truth. That truth is the essence of everything. If you leave out that sat- truth there is nothing.

ജഡമിതു സർവ്വമനിത്യമാം ;

All other worldly matter has no life – chatanya- in them. They are inert- Jada-. They are perishable. They are impermanent. What we see today will not be there tomorrow.

ജലത്തിന് വടിവിനെ വിട്ടു തരംങ്ഗമന്യമാമോ?-

Waves in the ocean have no existence independent of water. Waves are of temporary nature. They come and go. Water remains. We may call it river,ocean or waves all are water.

Gurudevan drives home the point that duality or multiplicity of worldly things are meaningless. They are our own imagination. The basis is the Athma or Paramathma who is present everywhere and in every thing.

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